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Practice Areas

Whether you are a business, an individual, or a law firm with a temporary need for specialized expertise, we can tailor a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations, and stay within your budget.


Commercial litigation

Complex commercial litigation requires attention to detail and commitment to the client’s goals. In the wrong hands, litigation can drag on for years, and the longer the case, the greater the fees. PMJ PLLC often takes cases on a contingency or a mixed hourly/contingency basis, or pursuant to a “flat fee” arrangement. In any case, we will provide you with a budget and stay within its terms.

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Appellate work is a sophisticated practice area that requires equal parts experience and intellect. Mr. Jones has successfully appealed two cases, and successfully defending five appeals. Most appeals can be undertaken on a flat fee basis dependent upon the complexity of the issues involved.

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The United States Bankruptcy Code is second only to the tax code when it comes to complexity and counterintuitive principles. Mr. Jones has orchestrated successful financial and structural reorganizations of troubled companies, as well as enfroced the claims of numerous creditors. Mr. Jones also represents several bankruptcy claims purchasers.

Representative Case Studies

  • Rates and Alternative Fee Structures

    The once almighty hourly rate is not the best fit more most projects. You have a problem that needs a cost-effective solutions, and we understand that.

    PMJ PLLC accepts many engagements on a “flat fee” arrangement, in including appeals. We also accept matters on a “contingent fee” arrangement, and we are open to other fee structures that align our interests with your interests.

  • Contract Attorney Services

    Not every law firm has a full time need for an attorney specialized in the fields of bankruptcy and appellate work. When the need arises, rather than hire a new attorney or refer the case out, law firms have retained Patrick Jones on a conract basis to provide immediate support.

Recent Successes

PMJ PLLC recently assisted tech start-up – “Live Life with Your Dog” with the formation of a Delaware limited liability company. We are currently assisting Slobbr with the nationwide rollout of its dog-friendly app and its initial round of fundraising through with assistance from Netcapital. You can visit Slobbr at, and find out more about Netcapital at

In January 2017, we successfully defended defendants’ motion to dismiss fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment claims filed on behalf of the Chapter 7 trustee appointed in In re Sanbudrg Mall, Adv. Case No. 16-8024 (Bankr. C.D. Ill.). Total damages are in excess of $9 million and climbing. A copy of the opinion can be found here.

PMJ PLLC was retained by European-based travel services firm AirHelp Ltd. to file a class action on behalf of passengers travelling to and from Europe whose flights were delayed more than three hours or cancelled. It is a little known fact – and the airlines would like to keep it a little known fact! – that EU Reg. 261 applies to U.S. citizens travelling to and from Europe, and may entitled them to EU$600 when a flight is delayed or cancelled. You can find out more about AirHelp Ltd. at

PMJ PLLC assisted an existing Arizona professional limited liability company with drafting an operating agreement governing the management of the PLLC and laid out the terms and conditions for one of its founding members to withdraw from the PLLC for a “sabbatical period.” The project was completed in less than a week on a flat-fee basis through To view our profile on UpCounsel, visit